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AShop Software Tech Tips

AShop Software Tech Tips are a supplement to the online help. The online help categorizes topics by their logical relationship within the program. Tech tips address specific needs and related issues with step-by-step how-to instructions and screen shots. To request a new tech tip contact us and send the details.

Additional Form Fields In Payment Forms

Custom fields may be added to payment forms to collect customer information. The additional information is saved in each customer's history and may also be included in receipts and order notices.

Use One-time Discounts As Gift Certificates

One-time discounts may be sent as a gift certificate, which can be applied to an order as a credit.

Send One-Time Gift Product With Custom Message

Each product in the shopping cart has a Gift option. The gift option can be used to send a one-time gift of the product. The gift message body uses tokens so that it can be edited and completely customized while still including product download information for digital products.

Link To Free Product File Download In An Email Or Newsletter

Here is the desired senario.

1. Customer clicks on a link in an email message.
2. A web page opens and customer is prompted for name and contact information.
3. After submitting the info, a link is sent to download product files.

How To Set Up Free Product Links In AShop

Volume Incentives Using Incremental Quantity Based Pricing

Incremental quantity based pricing per product sets the price of one product based upon either the total quantity of that product OR the total quantity of all products in the basket. Instead of applying one price based upon the total quantity, a different price may be applied to each quantity range.

Affiliate And Referral Tracking

Affiliate link marketing, which tracks commissions is an incentive based marketing system. The store administrator benefits from increased link popularity, traffic, and orders. Affiliates benefit by earning commissions, which are directly (tier 1) or indirectly (tier 2) based upon sales volume.

In addition to affiliate link code tracking, AShop supports a custom 10 character referral code for each affiliate. The referral code may be entered manually into a text box or included as a parameter in a link URL. Discount codes may be assigned to each affiliate and then set automatically for each customer from the referral code. The referral code system combined with discount code assignment can provide customer incentive, which also credits the referrer and can be used for print, media, and link URL advertising.

Automatically Set Product Discounts From Referral Link

Order-Link Shopping Cart Links and Buy Buttons

Insert Buy, View Cart, And Check Out Buttons Into Web Pages and eMail Messages.
The dynamic catalog, which is created by the shopping cart program, is only one way of connecting to the shopping cart. In addition, there is a method called Order-Link, which can be used to insert buttons and links into HTML web pages. The Order-Link pages can be on remote sites and on the local site. Order-Link is very flexible and easy to use. It can even be used in email messages. Basic HTML editing is required to insert snipets of code into the page body for buy buttons. An HTML code generator is included next to each product in the catalog through the administration panel.

Order-Link Basics

Basic Buy and Add To Cart Links Using Order-Link

Add Buy buttons, View Cart and Check Out links into an existing web page using Order-Link.

Order-Link Buy Button With Customer Input Field

Select From Attribute Alternatives Using Order-Link

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