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AShop License Agreement

Use of AShop Software is subject to the terms of this license agreement. Buying a license and using the software signifies that you have read the license agreement and accept its terms. Violation of this license agreement may void your right to technical support and subject you to legal action.

Ownership Of Software
You acknowledge and agree that all of the computer programs and associated documentation (collectively, the "Software") are owned exclusively by AShop Software. You agree that the price paid by you for the Software is a license fee granting you only the rights set forth in this License Agreement.

Licensed For Each Domain or IP Address
Your purchase of a Software license entitles you to install the program on a specific number or domains or IP addresses. You may NOT copy, reproduce, resell, or give away copies of the Software in any way shape or form without prior written consent from AShop Software. You acknowledge that AShop Software periodically registers the Software with its license server by electronic transfer of information via the internet to the license server.

IonCube Decryption
The distributed scripts are protected by IonCube encryption. We do not guarantee that the IonCube decryption will work on all servers and hosting services. Troubleshooting of server configurations is not included in our Software warranty. If you have trouble with IonCube decryption and cannot resolve it with your hosting service or system administrator, then we recommend changing to a hosting service that supports the software requirements.

License Fee Nonrefundable
Fees paid for license registration keys and installation services are not refundable. Before purchasing an AShop software license and receiving a permanent registration key, we recommend that you first upload and run the pre-installation test script, which is available at no charge from our site. This small program will report if the server supports the requirements of AShop. It also installs IonCube loaders and tests the IonCube decryption. If all of the tests pass, then install AShop with a free 30-day trial key. When you are satisfied that the program will serve your needs, then purchase and register a permanent license key to continue using the program.

Limited Warranty
AShop Software warrants that the Software will perform without defect, within the functionality that is in the program at the time of purchase. This warranty is for one year from the date of purchase. If you notify AShop Software of defects during the warranty period, AShop Software will replace the defective program with a corrected version. Your remedy for breach of this warranty shall be limited to replacement and shall not encompass any other damages. No dealer, distributor, agent or employee of AShop Software is authorized to make any modification or addition to the warranty and remedies stated above.

Limitations Of Liability And Remedies
In no event shall AShop Software or its licensors be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, punitive or other damages, even if AShop Software or its licensors are advised, in advance, of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall the liability of AShop Software or its licensors exceed the purchase price paid for the Software.

Copyright AShop 2002-2011 © All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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