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Order information can be emailed to a fulfilment service by first setting up fulfilment options in Store Configuration > Fulfilment, then selecting a fulfilment option for each product through Edit Catalogue.

Fulfilment Option Types

eMail Fulfilment
The email option will simply send the order information to a selected email address for fulfilment. A message can be added to the email. Any number of different email addresses and messages can be created. Each product can then have one of fulfulment option set for it.

Swift CD Service
The Swift CD option will send an email with an attached batch order file formatted according to the specifications for their services. Each fulfilment option using Swift CD can have its own user id (the customer id you get when you sign up at www.swiftcd.com
) which means that you can sell cds for different Swift CD accounts in the same AShop. With this fulfilment option you can use AShop to both sell downloadable versions of your products and make CDs with your products on demand.

1.Create Fulfulment Options In Store Configuration > Fulfilment  
Any number of fulfilment options can be created. Select the fulfilment option type and click Add.  


The new fulfilment option will appear on the page. If the option is for Swift CD, enter your Swift CD user ID in the box and click Update.


If the option is an email fulfilment, set the email address and additional message to be included with the order information, then click Update.

Note: If you would like the fulfilment email to be sent to multiple email addresses just separate them by a comma... email@service.com,fulfilment@ashop.com


2.Set Fulfilment Option For Each Product  

First, add a product. Then in the category view, click the Fulfilment button next to the product.


Select the fulfilment option that this product will use and then click Submit.


How It Works

Each product that will be shipped by the fulfilment service must have a shipping option set so that the shipping information form will appear for customers to fill in. If you don't wish to charge shipping separately for a product, set the shipping type to Flat Rate and the amount to .0001. This will activate the shipping form without adding a measurable amount.


When products that have been assigned a fulfilment option are purchased they will be grouped and sent to each corresponding fulfilment option.